Cubby and I against the world

I’m currently dog sitting my boss’ dog. His name is Cubby. He’s kind of a big deal, and a Steamboat celebrity. It’s him and I against the world….. until Kris or his wife gets back to town tomorrow evening. They’re on separate trips, and I’m not sure if she also gets back to town tomorrow or just Kris. Regardless, I’ve got the little ball of fluff tonight.

It has been a week since my very first post. I needed time to let myself drop off of the emotional high from the OCL class, which was the subject of that last post. It has been interesting to watch other people communicating while knowing what I know now. It has been interesting watching my own communicating while knowing what I know now. I’ve caught myself on multiple occasions not practicing any techniques that I’ve learned. I’ll get there. Practice makes perfect.

ANYWAY, I started a blog. So here we are. For people that know me pretty well, this probably seems weird. It’s pretty weird for me too. I’m not always too open about my personal life and emotions and whatnot. The fact that I’m now going to attempt to share things with anyone in the world that stumbles across this site… well, it’s just crazy. I hit some weird, crossroads type situation in my life…. we’ll call it a spiritual awakening of sorts (that’ll be it’s own post at some point). For some reason, I have this overwhelming force telling me that I need to do this in order to continue to grow as a person. By ‘this’, I mean inspire people with my own vulnerability. Let people into my weird mind and witness how I manage my ridiculous, abnormal life. I want to help people find the confidence to be vulnerable and open; to truly try to make the world a better place; to take risks and go on adventures. I want to help others find it by just throwing myself straight into the deep end. This isn’t just to inspire others, but also to motivate and inspire myself.

So what will this blog thing be about? Everything… and nothing. Things I do. Thoughts in my head. Music I like. Adventures I take. Questions I have. For those of you that spent your teenage years during the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) era, then I can best describe this blog as being my adult LiveJournal…. minus the teen angst, emo swoops, and Simple Plan lyrics.

I am here.

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