So, here I am sitting in a hotel in Denver, ‘complaining’ via text to a friend that my boss booked my flight for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I’m clearly not REALLY complaining. He’s flying me and my best friend to San Diego. I can’t be mad about a free trip to the beach.

As everything continues to progress at work, I’m reminded over and over again how lucky I am to have basically got roped into this job years ago. And now I’m here, and we’re here.

Sometimes I even think back to when Kris told Travis and I how Cruisers came to be, as we were driving to Glenwood for the communication class that I talked about in my very first post. He also just got lucky and basically stumbled into this situation where he owned a sandwich shop. It’s crazy how things just kinda fell into place, and now we’re about to take over the world.

I just wanted to write a quick reflection post about how grateful I am for my life and the people in it. I’m so lucky and honored to work for with such an awesome family. Kris, Kerry, and Kathy are some of the best, most genuine people I’ve ever met, and I’m excited and blessed to have the opportunity to roll alongside them as we set out to make the world a better place, one sammich at a time.

I love my life.

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