Trump Dynasty documentary.

**Regardless of your political views, this is a must watch documentary. Especially if you enjoy psychology and learning how a persons life events made them how they are.

I got home from work today and sat down with my laptop like I usually do. Turned on the TV and went to the cable guide to find a show/movie, half watch, half use as background noise. One of the channels on the first set that popped up was A&E. ‘Biography: The Trump Dynasty’ was maybe like 20 minutes into part one (two part series that are 2 hours each). It obviously caught my eye, so I scrolled thru to make sure there was nothing else on that sounded more appealing. So, here I am watching this documentary.

Literally. I’m watching it right now as I type. Part two just began like 15 minutes ago. This is one of the most fascinating biographies I’ve ever seen/read. It’s just people telling Trump’s story in a very unbiased way. There are historians, people that worked with Trump, and even some of his relatives. They’re just stating facts and real life events. It’s interesting to see how he got to where and who he currently is.

This is obviously going to get a little political because there’s no way to talk about this without any politics whatsoever, but I’m focusing more on ethics and benevolence. I’m sure there are many Trump supporters that think he’s a shit person but support his major “accomplishments” and goals. That could be an entire separate blog post talking about the selfishness of those non MAGA-hat-wearing, racist-but-don’t-realize/acknowledge, undercover fans. I don’t want to get into that this early in the blog game. But all we ever hear, see and talk about are the super-fans from the news; whether it was real news, fake news, or Trump’s ‘fake news’. The thing I appreciate about those supporters that are full on like “White Power!” is that they are aware and will acknowledge that they themselves are not good people. They know it and they don’t really ever claim to be.

I’d say I’m a pretty good person. Am I an asshole to many of my friends? Yep. Am I Queen of Sarcasm 80% of the time I’m talking to the crew that I manage? ABSOLUTELY. But I like to think that, regardless whether or not they like my personality and me as a person or hold grudges from things I did when I was young and/or dumb, every person that knows me would say that I am a good person with a strong and positive moral sense. So I’m sitting here watching the most unbiased commentary about Trump and his life, and it’s obvious that he’s simply a bad person. That’s it. A genuinely bad person. Personally, I think his brain is wired wrong and he has some legit disorder because I have a hard time believing that someone this evil can be medically considered ‘sane’, and this documentary is strengthening my view on that. But, whatever. He’s a bad dude.

I think the low key, ‘I’m not racist” Trump fans really need to watch this documentary. If they are as open-minded as they claim to be, they’ll realize how wrong they were for voting for this man to run our country. I have a friend I work with that I had a somewhat political chat over some beers after our shift. I don’t remember how the bar talk got to politics, but with no surprise to me whatsoever, he identifies himself as a Republican and voted for crazy Don to lead this nation. Then he went on to note just about all of the reasons that we need to get this man out of office and locked away, whether in a psych ward or prison. We talked about how he is driving this nation into the ground in so many ways. About not understanding how anyone, especially those that act like they’re great follows of God, can support this man and claim that they are a Good person.

Like I said earlier, I don’t want to talk about the beliefs and self-centered-ness(? this is now a word because I say so) of that fan base. That post is waaay down the road. One of the things I’ve been focusing on in my life lately is being a better person. Like, it’s ALWAYS in the back of my mind. Whether I’m reading a story, hearing about an event, or even looking back on my own social interactions, despite the outcome (because, let’s be real, there are times when I make the fully conscious decision to not make some interactions the absolute greatest and most positive that I could have, and that’s something I fully admit and am working on 🤣🤣) I will analyze all morals and ethics involved. I really wanted to use this post to encourage all the Good people out there to continue to be a better person than you were the day before. Let’s keep working on finding the beauty in things, big or small, and sharing Good vibes with those around you.

I am so grateful that I live in this gorgeous town.

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