Music Monday: It’s a good day to be alive.

So I had a couple friends come to town this weekend because they had tickets to WinterWonderGrass. They asked to stay with me and originally I wasn’t about it. I live alone and am very content by myself in my own space. Despite how organized I like to be at work, my place was…. we’ll just say it wasn’t pretty. Another friend of ours offered to let them crash at her place, so it wasn’t like I was just leaving them out on the street. I thought about it for a few days and realized that it was dumb to make them stay with our buddy because she lives with her dad and brothers. I just had to power through the anxiety that came along with the thought of having them stay with me for 3 days. What a great decision that was.

I ended up using that decision to motivate me to clean my place. I struggled though. The procrastination was real. For like 3 days, I’d clean up a couple things for like 5 mins, then go back to procrastinating. I’d say around like 8 or 9 o’clock the night before they were coming to town, I finally managed to get myself to steadily organize the clutter. Luckily, I fell into cleaning machine mode and ended up doing waaaay more than I needed to. I’ve seen the sayings and I’ve heard it from my therapist a few times, but cleaning up the physical clutter organized the clutter in my head on an epic level. Hopefully this cleanliness lasts, both in my home and in my head.

Lots of fun was had with them when they weren’t at the music festival and I wasn’t at work, and I’m grateful that this experience also helped me mentally/emotionally. Now if only they’d move back to Steamboat. They were by far some of my favorite people to hang out with when they still lived here, but now they’re a 12 hour drive away….


Anyway, here’s a song I like. I’m not just posting this because he’s my friend, but this guy has written some REALLY GOOD stuff. Some of my favorite songs of all time are by this guy. Micheal is currently doing this thing where he’s posting a video every day of him singing a song that he knows, and will continue until he has played every song that he knows, covers and originals. I’m waiting for him to post a certain song because it’s going to accompany a post about the many reasons why I named this blog You Are Here. But, until then, here’s one of my favorite good vibe songs. If you listen to his intro and the lyrics to the song, you’ll understand why this is a favorite. It’s such a real and relatable song. A light goes on, and life goes on.




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