To New Beginnings.

The past few days have been emotionally draining. Maybe ‘draining’ isn’t the right word. Maybe explosive? Emotionally magical…? That’s probably the closest adjective to describe the number of huge life moments (and soooo many smaller moments) that went from zero to sixty happening back to back. I don’t even know how to explain it, but so many epic things have happened in such a short amount of time and I am EXHAUSTED. I’m going to try so hard to not go too far into details and back stories to keep this short[er], but I can’t make any promises.

So, rolling on in life after my last post, those talks with my uncle ultimately swayed my decision in buying this condo that isn’t even built yet. So here we go. I texted my realtor/boss’s brother/technically my boss too since he’s part owner of the shop/mentor/friend, Kerry, on Thursday. Saying that I was ready to start making actual moves. We agreed to meet the following morning to talk about it. That night, I emailed the property manager, Jody, mostly just to bring myself back into the potential of signing a contract (we hadn’t emailed in like a month and a half). She responded just before I went to bed with the full purchase agreement and cc’d Kerry. This guy shows up Friday morning with like files and his laptop, full business mode (if you know Kerry, you know exactly what I’m saying). I sit down, he slaps my 29 page contract in front of me, pulls out his copy [with notes], opens his laptop and we’re going. So we make a plan to let me go over things over the weekend and we’d look into signing mid week.

NOW let’s jump story lines. So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in any previous posts, but I performed the wedding of two of my very good friends last year. She’s 8 months pregnant, and myself and a couple other friends had the honor of planning and hosting her baby shower. So, Saturday was spent running errands (after making $6 to not get one of the two lessons within a group of 10+ instructors at lineup), then working on my part of the baby shower that was taking place the following afternoon. Because of how early the shower started, I was taken off of lineup, so I had the day off. Some friends and I met up with the happy couple that morning for breakfast before the rest of us left the pregnant one to go have some friend shred time up on the mountain before closing we roll into closing week of the mountain.

The baby shower was awesome. I was so filled with joy (and a little alcohol) watching Carrie open her gifts and seeing everyone so excited. Cool. Baby shower is over. Eric’s bro-baby-shower involved him and some of his boys going out. Some of us girls went back to the couples’ home and have a chill girls night. 8:15pm. Text from Kerry saying that some other couple was looking to sign for the same unit. Long story short, here I am, not at all sober, e-signing this contract on my couch 45 minutes later. I was exhausted. I went to bed as Kerry and Jody continued to send a few more emails out.

SLIGHT story line detour. Wake up this morning, still taken back by how quickly we went from “I think I’m ready” to signing a purchase agreement. Go to open the shop and get ready for the employee meeting that we were having while bossman, Kris, is in town for a couple days. SO MANY EPIC UPDATES ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF THIS COMPANY. Luckily, I can’t discuss most of this on the blog right now, because that whole thing is an entire other blog post that won’t happen. Super good meeting and then showing off to the captain by easily knocking out a 60 sandwich catering order while also prepping for the lunch rush.

So, I’m out delivering this big order and I get a text from Eric. He says I’m an aunt again. I didn’t believe him because he LOVES pulling pranks, wouldn’t send a pic to prove, and Carrie was only eight months pregnant. Two hours later, I got a text from Carrie confirming that this wasn’t Eric doing Eric things. WTF?! We just had the baby shower yesterday! Aside from their parents and Carrie’s grandmother (who gave me $5 for shortening their wedding ceremony because we were outside in a blizzard), I was the only person who knew at that point and wasn’t allowed to tell. Ahhhhhh! So I roll into our financial meeting with Kris, Kerry, our accountants, and one of our assistant managers just like losing my cool in my head because I couldn’t say anything. Everyone in that room at least knows who Carrie is. Our head accountant is actually one of the friends that I co-hosted the baby shower with. I told her that I wanted to tell her something exciting but that I wasn’t allowed to, right as I walked out the door to leave.

I get put on dog duty for the new parents. I go let their two tiny furrbabies outside and clean up/arrange the house for them to not have to do much to have a smooth return home with their beautiful baby girl in a few days. I’m setting up the car seat that still had tags on it and Kerry starts calling me. He greets me with a “Congratulations”. I could hear the smile in his voice as he said it, because he’s been watching me freak out for the past three days  any time we’d talk real estate. Contract had officially begun. Stood there to try to digest anything of what was happening, then continued organizing. Go home, start to get out of my car and Eric calls me saying that if I wanted to meet the minion today, that it was a good time to go right then. So I restarted my car, and had the honor of being their first visitor.

OH MY GOD. I legit almost cried multiple times in that hospital room. Unlike with my niece and nephew, I’ve been there since the very beginning of the love that birthed my new ‘niece’. They legit met through me. I’ve watched all of this grow into a new life.




I don’t even know how to feel right now. I’m still struggling to process everything. I haven’t even had time to get documents for my loan approval, or even respond to the welcome email from my lender’s assistant. I’m so incredibly tired, but too inspired to not write this post before going to bed. All I can say is that I’m blessed and so grateful for my life, the track it’s on, and the people in it. What started off as Eric being somewhat serious in his toasts, then turned into an inside joke as he said that during every cheers on our happy hour bar crawl, but is so incredibly relevant right now, “To new beginnings!”



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