Dreams of grandeur lost in depths…

I’ll try to keep this pretty short. Before I get to what I’ve been wanting to write about for a few days, I want to touch on a couple things. This has been a hell of a week, between issues at work, too many deaths, and struggling with my own emotions. Just today, I found out about three different people that I know (two that I worked with, and one that was just an acquaintance) that have passed away within the last day or two. Add that to the two Steamboat ski school instructors that we’ve lost since the end of the season (all of like 6 weeks ago). In regards to that, I just want to say to appreciate the small things and always be grateful. I’d like to think that I’m good at dealing with death, just because of my imaginative mind, but today has been a little rough. Just too much bad news.

What I really wanted to talk about DOES kind of relate to my imagination. I took a Myers-Briggs personality test and legit looked into my results for the first time over the past few days. Some people are really into zodiac signs and whatnot, I think my new think is MBTI (Myers-Briggs type indicator). It’s creepy how hardcore INFP I am. Like, I keep getting weirded out reading about it. I feel attacked…. like someone has been in my head and writing about me as a person. Haha. It’s so crazy!

THIS is probably one of the quickest, most accurate run downs of my personality type. I plan on learning more and more about my own type and the types of those I know and figuring out how to improve my own life. But, despite being a pretty rare type (we make up around 4% of the population), it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that experiences some things the way I do. I’ve never understood how I could be so positive, yet so negative towards myself. Turns out, that’s an INFP thing for sure. I had a good session with my therapist on Monday, then I ended up having a full on panic attack later that evening for no reason. Based on all the personal work and growth I’ve done over the past few months, I was confused about where the emotion came from and why. The more I learn about my MBTI type, the easier it seems to be to deal with the dumb things that go on in my head.

This is the song I was going to post for Music Monday. I started a post, then got heavily distracted by the panic attack. So here’s this. This is one of my favorite songs by my buddy Micheal, and one of my all time favorite songs ever.


Anyway, other than all of that, things are going decent. Still no updates on the condo situation. Many big thoughts in my head, as usual. One really big one that I briefly ran by one of boss brothers today (it’s an idea that’s still years out, if it happens) and he thought it was great. It’s cool to see this INFP passion emerge in the work/business aspect of my life.

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