Vacation Overwhelm

This week has been a creative struggle. The reason I’m so inconsistent is usually that I can’t find the motivation to actually write/type. But this week…. oh man. The motivation was there. I have multiple drafts that I need to go delete. I just wasn’t inspired by anything. I didn’t have a focus. But, FINALLY, we have arrived!

So, I mentioned in my last post how I was basically a textbook INFP on the Myers-Briggs personality scale. And I have continued to look into it, and it’s pretty cool stuff and is helping me understand things about myself. So I’m signed up for newsletters from One of the articles linked in the email I got today was about introverts vacationing.

So, I did not know that ‘vacation overwhelm’ was a real thing. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s a thing, but I just didn’t know. After reading this article, I wage that I’m in like the 1% of most overwhelmed. Also not surprising. I’m realizing that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even think about taking real vacations. I’m like pre-vacation overwhelmed. I see cool places to go and I just think “that looks awesome,” and then I just daydream about it for a little bit, then it’s over. In the 7+ years that I’ve lived here, other than trips back to Ohio, I’ve taken TWO out of state trips. One was a road trip with some Ohio friends down to the outerbanks of North Carolina… a trip that I had done multiple times before moving to Colorado. The other was my trip to San Diego a couple months ago, which was basically like a gift from my boss that I couldn’t/wouldn’t turn down. I’m starting to realize that this is an issue.

Another thing I realized after reading this article is that I should no longer feel bad that I took a couple chill days during my time in La Jolla, California… aside from those fluke sick days. Whenever I would see my boss while I was out there, he’d seem so disappointed when he’d ask me what all I had done that day or whatever, and it was never anything more than like lay around the apartment, and maybe a walk to the beach. It’s not anything to be ashamed of, and it’s a healthy way to reset yourself.

So, not only am going to try to adventure more within my own area/state, but maybe finally start taking some actual vacations to somewhere new and just fight through the stress. I HAVE been talking for some time about always wanting to go snowboarding on my birthday and maybe visiting some instructor friends during their southern-hemi winter season. Maybe that’s something I should actually make happen within the next couple years…..

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