Music Monday: You’re in the middle of the ride.

I’ve been in a little bit of a slump the past few weeks. Just feeling super stagnant. Not sure what it was or if maybe it’s just some mud season blues of some sort. Who knows. But I finally feel like I’m coming out of it. Ready to work on REALLY getting my life together, which has been something I’ve been really wanting to focus on for the past like 8 months, but have only made small progress. Progress is progress, but there’s still much more work to do. The three main self-improvements that I want to focus on this summer are taking better care of my body, become a bit more financially responsible, and have more adventures!

Everyone that knows me knows that I don’t work out on purpose. I occasionally do fun things that are also a workout, but not as much as I should. Well, that’s something that has to change. I’ve been talking about trying a yoga class at the yoga studio next to my job (we have a really good relationship with them) since they opened like a couple years ago. I’ve got a friend that’s been teaching there for a little over a year and I keep telling her that I’ve been thinking more about it, but I still haven’t committed. I know it would be so good for not just my body (especially my bum shoulder that I’m still dealing with from when I broke my humerus a couple winters ago), but also for my emotions.

I also bought a bike park pass this year and I’m working with the Steamboat bike shop manager on trying to get an approval from upper management on some sort of seasonal bike rental/discount/punch card. I got my first fix of the year of downhill biking yesterday after work for a couple hours. The awesome bike shop crew gave me a free rental even though the shop manager wasn’t around to confirm that he told me I could get a free rental yesterday. Biking is definitely a good, fun, adrenaline-filled workout through nature. I plan to talk to some of the local bike shops around town to see how their demos work, as I hope to spend this summer finding my own bike.

Bikes are expensive, and I’ve also been in a “YOLO, take my money” kind of mood recently. You know, buying things I don’t need. Going to the bar too often after work. Eating out at other restaurants instead of just going to the store or using my manager meal at work. Luckily, I’m not horrible with my money, but I really need to get my financials more under control. I’ve got a credit card that gets me travel points and has a fairly high limit. I started off with keeping it super low, but then after a couple bigger things that I really needed to take care of, I kinda just stopped paying attention to how much I put on my card. I know that if I want/need to, I can probably pay it all off and reset myself after the new year, when I get my bonus check. But I don’t really want to do that. The condo complex I was contracted with for a little bit, they haven’t released their new plans yet, but they plan on beginning to put condos back up for sale in January. I’d prefer to use my bonus to add to my savings, that way I most likely wouldn’t have to borrow money from my mom this time around. It would be nice to clean up my finances that way I can work on bringing down my credit card debt and also be able to make payments on a bike (if I find one) without racking up the credit card.

And, lastly, I need to get outside more. It doesn’t make sense that I live out here in a place that’s perfect for being outside but I rarely take full advantage of it. I’d say it is mostly a motivation thing. And with me being in a funk for a bit, it’s occasionally hard to get myself to go outside even when I WANT to. I just can’t bring myself to it, despite knowing how positively it affects me. So, I want more adventures this summer! Even small ones… like trying to go fishing for a couple hours before the potential rain and my meeting with my therapist in 3 hours. I’m gonna make it happen, and probably catch none of the fish.

Before I go, despite it being my personal Saturday, happy Music Monday! This one is just a feel good classic. Everything, everything will be just fine, everything will be alright, alright.

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