Literal manic episode.

So, it’s been a week since I went insane for a night and then woke up feeling the best vibes ever. By ‘insane’, I mean actual manic. At one point Friday night, I was on the phone with my oldest brother trying to convince him I was Jesus. My other brother booked a flight on Saturday, got to town on Sunday, met my therapist on Monday, and was back in Chicago by Tuesday night. And, by ‘best vibes ever’, I mean pulling my supervisor aside before my lesson on Saturday and swear to her that I wasn’t drunk or high, then proceeded to have the Best Day Ever… even though I was like 20 minutes late for work.

This past week will be a separate post that should be up within the next few days, now that I’m finally coming down off of my insane life high. Until then, I just wanted to share a song that just gave me all the feels after this spiritual transformation that I just had. This video made me cry the first time I watched it. And most of all the times I’ve watched it.

Micheal Abalos, my friend. Please continue to do what you do. There is magic in your music.

(Also, next time you come through town, can you PLEASE know the lyrics to all of the older songs that you KNOW I’m going to request. I get offended when you don’t come prepared. Get it together!)


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