A new decade.

“What a weird few years 2020 has been,” said the Nia (I said it). It almost feels like we’ve already lived an entire decade and it’s not even May. What a wild time to be alive. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last wrote. I also didn’t really even know what day it was. At least not until Sunday.

It would’ve been nice to have a little calm before getting out of bed. But instead, I woke up to see a text in the family chat. And that was the start to a really weird day for me.

Derek’s friends will literally bake him carrot cake every year because that was dad’s favorite.

As many people already know, I lost my dad to a heart attack. Sunday marked 10 years since his unexpected passing. I typically don’t say much about it anytime April 19th rolls around, because I’d rather wait til the 21st to shout him out for his birthday. With those two anniversaries being separated by one day, it feels better for me to celebrate his life on the day of his birth and not sulk on the day of his death. It’s just one more day of him being gone, but you are only born into your body once. Obviously most people live their life differently, and I respect that. Manage how you need to manage. My entire family manages that way, which typically puts me in weird mood.

But let’s ignore the weird moods, and let’s hop into the positives. My favorite thing about this time of year is reading/hearing what people have to say about David H. Brinkley. With us officially having lost him a decade ago, and no one has anything else to do during quarantine, people were popping out of nowhere to talk about him and his legacy. The longer I’m alive without him, the more I find out about him and the more I realize how awesome he was.

He could touch the top of the backboard?!?


Surprise! Turns out dad actually WAS that good of a baller. I knew he was good, but I always thought he was full of it whenever he’d talk himself up…

These screenshots were both pulled from my uncle Steve’s (dad’s little brother) post. 

Today is Coach Brink’s 67th birthday, so happy birthday to my pops! Anyway, cheers to everyone during these weird times. Keep your head up and don’t worry if you’re not “getting things done”. Nothing needs done if it doesn’t feel good for you. I’m gonna try to get back in to writing and not losing track of time. Godspeed.

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