Quarantine: day 397748?

The past week has been quite a time. I’ve Zoom’d my therapist three times, spoken on the phone with my doctor three times, got a new pill added to my prescribed medication, became temporarily re-unemployed, and had my two best friends in Steamboat leave town for a long period of time. So, it has been a week, to say the least.

My oldest brother will post positive messages on Facebook every morning. This one, I need to be reminded of a lot. As someone who openly struggles with my own thoughts and emotions, life is tough right now. Don’t let people bring you down during these times just because you don’t deal in the exact same way as they do. It’s a struggle when you try to explain to someone what will best help you in certain life situations right now and they try to tell you otherwise. At that point, you can’t do much else but smile and nod. Don’t let them break you.



Anyway, I’m doing well out here, considering how bored, unmotivated, and lonely I am. My bike buddy is gone for some time, so it’s been a struggle to even get myself outside. I spent most nights last week hanging out with him and his wife (one of my best friends); hanging outside on warm nights, and/or playing Nintendo Switch. I miss them. Oh well!

I’ve got a lot of fun ideas in my head, as usual. Slowly just trying to make progress with small projects, and not beating myself up when I accomplish nothing. It’s okay to not be okay right now. And that thought makes me feel okay.

Here’s a fun little video by my all time favorite YouTuber, Grace Helbig. I’ve realized that it’s probably because we’re both INFPs, so it’s cool to see someone with very similar thought processes as me. She’s funny.



I’ll try to check in at least weekly with random nonsense like this. Anyone have any good writing prompts that you’re interested in me tackling?

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