Progress your best life

Taught my first lesson of the season yesterday, after only having had one day on snow prior. I co-taught a group of 8 first time adults, aka lots of running up and down the hill. My legs are shot and I’m horribly out of shape, although better shape than I was expecting 😏😏

It’s crazy to think that this is my 7th winter in Steamboat. Where has time gone?? I feel like I moved out here just a couple years ago. A much crazier thought is that this is my 14th season teaching snowboarding. FOURTEEN YEARS. Almost half of my life I’ve been sharing my love for the art of shred. It started off with my best friend at the time telling me that I should go teach with her because of how much fun she had teaching the season before. Now I live in the Rocky Mountains, in a community that feels like family, working jobs that I genuinely enjoy, and so many opportunities and adventures lying ahead. This is NOT AT ALL where I thought my life was going to go 14 years ago.

If you ever get the chance, read You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. There was a big theme in this book about deciding what you want in life and then taking the steps to get to that dream life. She encourages readers to write out a very detailed future for themselves, regardless how seemingly unrealistic some of those details are, figure out what you would have to go to reach that outlandish goal, then just continue to make those small moves towards it.

One day back in June, I had the most magical day possibly ever. It just felt good. You know, those days that leave you high on life for an uncomfortable amount of time because you’re really just waiting for the crash and you’re scared that you’re forever going to be that daze. Jen Sincero’s book heavily influenced what I wrote that night. I’ve only showed it to a few good friends and my therapist, so clearly the next person to share it with is the entire interwebz. Obvs.

Today was like the dream day of a life I could [and will] someday achieve.

Great day at work. Great chats with Millie on ways to keep improving myself. Cold summer shandy on the McKnight’s patio for a little solo time, then welcomed a good friend for a round. Convinced her to stop overworking for the day and go fishing with me. Caught my first fish of the season, which was also my first ever fish on a dry fly. Then almost doubling those achievements with a second, much bigger hog that got away. Walking back from the river, looking around at the beautiful, cloudless, slightly-past-sunset sky and truly appreciating life. Finish off with a beer alone on my balcony, admiring the stars and reflecting. Thinking about how much of a BADASS I am that I took a huge leap of faith to move across the country, conquered through so many challenging situations and emotions, breaking myself and putting myself back together, and not just surviving, but THRIVING in a town, culture, and life that people pay thousands of dollars to experience for a few days, just to say that they visited this magical ‘Boat. I did this. I made it here. I AM AWESOME.

This is the life I want to live someday. Where EVERYDAY feels this majestic.


It has been a rocky road, guys. Life’s not easy. When life throws you off track, instead of giving up, maybe just see where that path takes you. I graduated high school with the intent of getting into some web development type shit. Somehow, I ended up here; 5-7 time college dropout (depending on what we’re considering dropping out versus taking a hiatus), with unconventional jobs, in Ski Town, USA, and loving it. It’s not a cake walk though. Sometimes, even I need to remind myself with my own advice (still one of my all time favorite pieces I’ve ever written).

I have a love/hate relationship with the saying of living your best life. I like the idea that you’re living a life that you absolutely love. But then, I think about the definition of the word best. Part of the definition that popped up on Google from the Merriam-Webster dictionary website said ‘the highest level that you can do or achieve’. That leaves no room for growth. I could have all the material things that I envision in my dream life, but I plan to continue to work being a better person than I was the day before. There’s always room for progress. The ceiling can always be raised.

I’m not living my best life, I’m progressing it.

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