Music Monday: Sweet Victory

This morning, I checked my FB notifications and a friend had tagged me to this article. With all the bullshit going on in the world, it’s always great to see something that makes me smile this much. The article is about how there’s a petition for SpongeBob song, “Sweet Victory”, to be played during the 2019 Super Bowl halftime. I AM HERE FOR THIS.

For those that didn’t know or care, the SpongeBob creator, Stephen Hillenburg, died last week. Regardless what your thoughts are on his show, but you can’t deny the insane impact that this cartoon had on not only an entire generation, but the entire world for years to come. SpongeBob SquarePants is among one of those cartoon characters that could potentially stand the test of time like Mickey and Minnie.

Everyone who knows me knows my love for SpongeBob. I’m known at Steamboat and Snow Trails for always wearing a SpongeBob bandanna whenever, not just any time I’m snowboarding, but any time I even just put on my snow pants. It’s like my comfort blanket. I own way too many SpongeBob items, including 2 kites (one is in Ohio), a Chia pet, at least 4 PJ pants, car floor mats, not only one, but two onesies, and many other things.

I have backups for when my bandanna fades to the point of its retirement, which somehow always ends up being around a big life moment. The first bandanna, I began wearing during my second season teaching (06-07 winter), but didn’t wear it consistently until my third season (which happened to be my first season teaching full time). Its final season was a doozy! I went into the season knowing that it wasn’t going to be there the following season. My Snow Trails family knew it was time for me to get out, and then I sent it out with a bang by missing closing weekend of my final season because I was busy bringing home that gold cert 3 pin.

The second bandanna obviously marks the beginning of my life in Colorado. Clearly, a HUGE life event. Nothing says ‘fresh start’ like unfolding a crisp SpongeBob bandanna. This bandanna’s era has seen crazy life stuff. The summer of the most epic amount of river floats done with some of the greatest people that I know, learning how to mountain downhill mountain bike, the time warp I took from having a beer at a Steamboat bar to waking up in a Denver hospital, winning the local adult basketball b-league due to the fact that we were the only team, some EPIC powder days, having my heart shattered in one phone call, catching my first fish on a dry fly, stomping the cleanest backside 180 I’ve ever done just to get taken out by a small boulder of ice 20ft down the landing…. it has been a ridiculous life.

Back in March, I officially accepted the position of General Manager after dancing around my boss about it for the past three or four years. That contract has shaken my life in so many ways. Coming into that new role as I was nearing the end of the most physically painful season that I’ve ever made it all the way through, and seeing that my bandanna was not only really faded, but worn down to the point of holes. Last season was the last season that that faithful bandanna will ever see.

And then my third day on snow, I did a little head banging. Hit my head yesterday, so I’m off of the board for a little bit. I wanted to keep this short because the computer screen isn’t good for head injuries, but then I started rambling… again. I’ll try to make the rest of this quick and go to bed.


‘Sweet Victory’ is the highlight of the undisputed greatest SpongeBob episode ever. Regardless if it’s you’re favorite episode or not, it’s The Greatest episode ever. It’s like not even an opinion statement. It’s just a fact. Made up statistic: 97% of all band geeks (both active and recovering 🤣🤣) who have seen the episode, worship it.


Here it is. One of the greatest moments in animated TV history. Thank you Stephen Hillenburg, thank you. Sign the Super Bowl halftime petition.


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