Remember to pay attention

First of all, Rocketbooks rock. I love being able to write out my thoughts and then have technology transfer my words to the interwebz. It helps keep me away from screens, especially with all my head issues. So, the great Jen Sincero wrote another book. In the intro, she suggests that one way you can read this book is by opening it “at random when you need a boost and see what you get.” Well, I love where that got me. It’s already something that I try to do a lot, but it’s always great to be reminded to always look.

You have countless things all around you at every moment to be in awe of, grateful for, excitedly tugging on people’s sleeves about, squeeing in delight over, motivated by, in love with. All you have to do is remember to pay attention. (Jen Sincero, p. 37)

This new book was released four days ago, I got the book out of my PO Box yesterday (I pre-ordered it), and today happened to be a great day to focus on seeing those AMAZING things. The past two seasons, I made it a point to walk to the mountain as often as I could, partially because it was quicker to walk on busier days, but it was also relaxing. Now that I live a little further from the mountain, I’ve vowed to walk as often as I can, when my schedule allows it.

This morning was absolutely gorgeous. Even though I can’t currently snowboard, it was great being out there in the sunshine with my teammates, seeing people eager to shred. I was all smiles today. After my hour and a half of work, I bought a breakfast sandwich and ate it sitting at the base of the mountain while watching people end their runs with big smiles. Then it started snowing. No weather apps that I use said anything about snow, especially for how bright the sun was. The walk back home was nothing but magical. When I got home, I sat on my balcony and called my mom. I am grateful for today.

Find those small moments and appreciate them. All you have to do is remember to pay attention.



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