Music Monday: Ready?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been hectic the past bit, not in a bad way. Definitely have multiple blog post drafts from times when I wanted to write but couldn’t arrange my thoughts or couldn’t come up with anything substantial. I’ve got a bit that I want to write about eventually, but not tonight. It’s past my bed time already 😂😂

My birthday was last week. I’ve already got a draft started for that, but then I got off topic and tired so I gave up. I’ll come back around to it hopefully by the end of this week. Rolling up to my birthday, I came across some very, very minor health “concerns” which the timing actually couldn’t have been better. Self-care will be the name of the game for 32 (regardless what I wanted to do, because doc said so), so more self-improvement coming up and I’m kind of stoked about it. Also, doctor’s orders are basically to eat ALL THE FOOD with ALL THE [preferably healthy] calories, and I’m more than okay with that!

I’ve got some plans/hopes for this year of my life, which I’ll touch on in future posts. Until then, here’s a fun song. This one goes out to my work crew. This has been one of our epic-dance-party songs this summer, as we absolutely destroyed the busiest summer we’ve ever had. Not only did I have the hardest working group of nerds, but they know how to make a manager feel good and how to throw surprise birthday shenanigans…. even though they almost blew the surprise multiple times. Next post will cover the birthday ridiculousness. But, until then… are you ready?


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