32. (Birthdays are dumb)

In my last post that I did yesterday, I talked about how I had multiple stupid drafts that I needed to go through and reorganize, finish, and whatever. I mentioned how I would hit my birthday post draft and get it up soon. Turns out I’m just going to delete that. I ended up doing something today that I haven’t done in too long; I sat outside in my hammock on my balcony and wrote pen to paper in my Rocketbook. So, these are my thoughts and reflections with a fully clear mind (because I started my birthday post draft the day after my birthday, I believe). I forgot how much I love just sitting down and handwriting stuff, so that’s definitely going to be something that I’m going to go back to doing more of. Hopefully that’ll lead to me posting more often, since I can take my Rocketbook places and write anywhere and then just use the app to transcribe what I write and then post it easily. So, here are my reflections on hating celebrating/acknowledging my birthday (I’m my mother’s daughter FOR SURE in this aspect) but having probably the best birthday I’ve ever had.


My birthday . That ‘s a day I don’t care much for celebrating or even having people know about. So much so that for the past few years, I’ve always hid my birthday on Facebook at least a couple weeks ahead of time. That was especially true this year with
the most ridiculous work joke/trolling of it being my birthday everyday at Cruisers being so intense that even people that don’t work with us with me a happy birthday every time they see me (my team obviously thinks it’s hilarious when they get other people to make it a habit). There are even stickers that were made by the dad of some of the crew (one of his sons is one of my assistant managers, the other one is a lead , and both of his daughters are on our payroll, although one just left for college out of town and the other one is SUPER part time). Only like our accountant (good friend of mine ) and her sister (former assistant manager) were the only people involved with Cruisers that even knew when my birthday actually was until I accidentally let it slip a few day ahead of time (our accountant would’ve told them regardless).


Long story short , everyone rallied together and surprised me pretty good, even though looking back, they almost blew it in more ways than one. The boss man closed the shop down early and took care of most of the closing duties so that my favorite group of nerds could surprise me during my river float.

I won’t go into many more details about the day… mostly because it’s a bit of a blur. But I do want to say that I have quite possibly the best work crew ever (regardless how much they piss me off sometimes). I tell them things along those lines a lot, especially with how crazy busy we were this summer, but my birthday solidified that thought in my head, heart, and soul.

I’m so lucky to have never really had a bad job . I’m blessed to have been a part of so many great work families; from my Snow Trails and Zoo fams (that I still make a point to hang out with some of them every time I’m in Ohio), to the massive Steamboat Resort family and my Cruisers nerds. I don’t really understand how this is my life but I’m definitely not mad about it.

32 is off to a good start and I have plans/goals to make it even better.

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